General Testimonials

“I learned more about my Town, the Community and the abundance of resources available to us during the monthly issue days than I had learned during my previous ten years in Gilbert. GL also gave me the opportunity to developed some new lifelong friends and colleagues. Since completing Class 21 it’s been an honor to work with (and support) my classmates on their projects as well as those of other GL Classes”
Rich Vandermolen, Family Life Financial Solutions
“Gilbert Leadership provided me with an in depth look into Gilbert’s infrastructure, issues, and leadership opportunities. The blend of professional development, leadership training, networking, and team building dynamics make it the best leadership program in the Valley. I highly recommend it!”
Candy Body, Leading Edge Academy
“Now I know everyone in town and know everything about the town…Impressive. I wouldn’t have believed it before I went through the program. I’m a believer now.”
“I am reminded of the reasons I joined Gilbert Leadership, including my desire to be more involved, and now I feel empowered to make some choices and do just that.”
“I think I would say that Gilbert Leadership gives participants ownership in the town. Where most of us have moved to Gilbert from somewhere else, and may not know that many people, Leadership introduces you to everyone in town, makes it feels like you’ve lived here 10-20 years and develops ownership and pride of place. It is ‘my town’ now!”
“This was the best adult learning experience I have had so far.”

Gilbert Leadership Program Testimonials

“The Gilbert Leadership Program is an amazing opportunity to meet other Gilbert residents who want to be involved in the Town of Gilbert. Since Gilbert residents can get involved in our community in so many different ways, the Gilbert Leadership Program introduces the town, it’s history, how it functions along with various businesses. We live in an amazing town run by people who care and volunteers that make a difference.”
Rick Fisher, Asset Preservation & Restoration Services, Class XX
“Going through the Gilbert Leadership Program was a phenomenal experience. It allowed me the opportunity to see the “inside” workings of our town, meet exceptional people, and determine how I could involve myself in my community. I highly recommend Gilbert Leadership for anyone who desires to expand their horizons, connect with others and make a difference!”
Aimee Ghimire, Class XX
I was honored to work with class 22 for Gilbert Leadership! We had a team of awesome town and business leaders in our group, and I value those friendships. I made true connections to many people in town, learned so much about Gilbert, and developed a great love for our community. I am proud to live and work in Gilbert. I am proud of what my class gave back to the community to make it a better place to live, and proud of those in the program who gave so much of themselves.
Amy Navarro, Class XXII, American Family Insurance

Economic Day Testimonials

“I now have a better idea of the need for economic development and planning. “
“I learned so much about land use and the future for Gilbert. It was exciting to hear the Business Development for the city. There was so much enthusiasm for economic growth now and in the future from the developers and the businesses we toured.”
“I learned that there are many businesses in Gilbert that I was unaware of.”
“One of the best days. Great information, not to deep and just the right level. “
“I was impressed with the overall view of economic development. Everything tied together so well. “
“This issue day was very important and timely for me. I am very interested in understanding the full impact of the recession on the town and what we can do to help versus just ‘Shop Gilbert.’”

Community Culture Testimonials

“I had never heard the case for a connection between the Arts and Economic Development made as strongly. I think that is a message that more people need to hear.”
“I discovered how important the arts are to living our lives as human beings.”
“Gilbert and Higley have many things to offer in the Arts, we just need to get people more involved.”
“I learned about the Higley Performing Arts Center. I had not been there before! And it’s in Gilbert! Who knew?”
“Once again, great job you have taught me some and given me lots more about the wonderful town of Gilbert.”

Healthcare Testimonials

“Over the past several years I have had the honor of participating in Gilbert Leadership Class 17 and also serving two terms on the GL Board. During this time I have coordinated the Healthcare and Social Services day. This has afforded me the opportunity to showcase great healthcare providers like Mercy Gilbert Medical Center and Banner M.D. Anderson and some of the most progressive physicians that you can find in the country. I also worked with our GL team to present some of wonderful Social Services in the community and the stellar work they do for our citizens. This experience has given me a deep immersion into what our Gilbert community is and the potential it has as one of the best place to work, live, and play in the nation. But the thing I am most proud of is the lifelong relationships I have built through my time associated with this program both personal and business. I have been afforded the opportunity to serve in the community and the gifts of relationships I have received in return are invaluable.”
Rudy Apodaca, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center

History Testimonials

“The Gilbert Leadership program afforded me the opportunity to join with 28 people from different backgrounds and blend into a united class. I volunteer at the Gilbert Historical Museum, so I have to say that “History Day” has always been my favorite Issue Day. I value the friendships made and the knowledge gained that are only attainable through the Leadership program.”
Paul Norbut