What is Gilbert Leadership


Gilbert Leadership brings together individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences to develop their leadership potential. Participants experience personal growth and gain a unique perspective about and look into the Town of Gilbert and its community.

The Program
A program of the Gilbert Chamber Foundation, Gilbert Leadership is designed to help develop our town’s current and future leaders.

Gilbert Leadership:

  •  Encourages local residents to start, design, lead and deliver locally generated initiatives and projects.
  • Provides structured community leadership learning programs.
  • Engages active community and volunteer leaders to broaden their horizons and help them to become more effective within their communities.
  • Creates and/or extends a network of community and volunteer leaders to encourage contacts and involvement through their work and lives.

Class members attend full-day sessions (Issue Days) once each month for 10 months; complete a series of local tours; and work together to select, organize, and execute a class service project.

Gilbert Leadership candidates are required to live or work in Gilbert, possess a commitment to community involvement and personal growth, and should have a desire to improve the local community.

Interested candidates should apply and will then are interviewed by a selection committee. Final selection is made by the Gilbert Leadership Board of Directors.

Applications are due by July 1st. Learn more and apply now!

Why Gilbert Leadership

Gilbert Leadership increases citizen participation in the community by creating awareness of leadership opportunities and developing individual leadership skills which support the goals of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

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