business team interviewing applicant in officeYour answers are important in the overall score. In order for your application to be given full consideration please answer with a  200-300 word response per question. **This form does time out and you will lose your data, we recommend typing your answers on another sheet prior to answering directly onto our application**

In addition, applicants will be interviewed by a selection committee.  Final selection of the class will be decided by the Gilbert Leadership Board of Directors – a group of Gilbert Leadership graduates volunteering their time to see that the program continues to grow.

Diversify Your Experience:
The program strives to recruit, select, and retain a diverse group of individuals who demonstrate a commitment to the Gilbert community.

Inquire Today:
Please feel free to contact us with questions about your possible involvement in creating and directing the future of your community.

Applications will be held and reviewed for the upcoming class registration, held in July each year. Applications are due by July 8th, interviews are held in July and the class begins in September.

Contact Sarah Watts at


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Gilbert Leadership requires participants to commit a MINIMUM of one full day per month during the ten months of the program, plus necessary time to develop and deliver a class project. Additionally, each participant must commit to assist in planning 1 issue day the following year.

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Upon my acceptance, I understand I will pay a tuition fee of $800 to the "Gilbert Chamber of Commerce" for my enrollment in the program. *

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