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Recent News

The Garden Restoration Project consists of removing the current soil from the existing planter boxes, repairing and reinforcing the planter boxes as needed, refilling the planter boxes with fresh soil and planting a variety of vegetables and herbs. To ensure a sustainable garden, Class XXII will also install a drip irrigation system for the planter boxes, chicken wire and various plants to deter the local feral cat population, and an appropriately-sized storage shed to house gardening equipment, which will also be purchased as part of the Project.

An additional layer of landscape rock will also be added to the garden area. The garden area includes a large shuffleboard court that is unused by the residents. This large concrete surface will be repurposed as a mural that will include information on when to plant and what to plant in Arizona throughout the year. The mural will likely consist of four small murals, one for each season, which has both text and pictures detailing planting schedules and other gardening-related information.

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